Member Gallery

HMAG is pleased to feature the work of our members.

  • Martha Ferguson

    Martha Ferguson

    Martha Ferguson earned her MFA in Metals and Jewelry from Miami University in Oxford, OH, and BFA in Metals and Jewelry from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, GA. She was the first graduate of SCAD’s Metals and Jewelry Department, which was made official in 1994. Since 1992 Martha has been an […]

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  • Natalie Britton

    Natalie Britton

    My name is Natalie Britton. I’m married to a great guy Milton.  We both were born and raised in Texas.  Pearland is where we now reside.  My studio is down the road a bit in a country town.  This workspace is nestled in a beautiful garden setting surrounded by white picket fences and lots of […]

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  • Terry Fromm

    Terry Fromm

    Terry Fromm’s metal art reflects her experience with and influence by a variety of materials as she uses metals in ways similar to using fabrics in clothing and quilt construction in the past.  She utilizes the properties of metal to either soften and form it into fluid shapes resembling ribbons and fabric folds, or to […]

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  • Jan Harrell

    Jan Harrell

    This new body of enameled sculpture contains objects gifted to a larger than life persona — a muse. This bawdy and joyful goddess embraces life to its fullest and grabs a bit more when she gets the chance. These oversized gifts are particular to her feminine and robust tastes. A thorny rose bouquet, a string […]

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  • Priscilla Frake

    Priscilla Frake

    I began making jewelry as a child and have continued, on and off, for most of my life. After moving to California in 1996, I took classes at Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts and began pursing the craft more seriously. I furthered my study through workshops at the California College of Arts and Crafts and […]

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  • Al Heilman

    Al Heilman

    I am an artist who works in many mediums.  I enjoy the interplay of different metal and textures. I use the interplay of color, texture, and light in my work. I work with several different mediums independently or together, including: photography, painting in oil, acrylic and watercolor, on wood, metal, canvas, fine jewelry and Enameling. This […]

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  • John Barber

    John Barber

    John Barber is a Texas artist specializing in marine wildlife artwork. His work includes tropical fish, turtles and sting rays. He teaches basic welding classes for beginners, homeowners, DIYers, artisans and hobbyists. “I wandered for days through the endless aisles of a discount super center, lost, starving and dehydrated. I was hallucinating about about a cookie […]

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  • Cathy Prieto-Smith

    Cathy Prieto-Smith

      I have made jewelry for as long as I can remember. My teenage years I adorned myself with all my creations. Broken jewelry, leather scraps, wire, nuts and bolts, old fishing lures – there were possibilities in everything I found. I went official in 1998 with Charisma Designs. I sold my first “collection” of […]

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  • Anke Bohmer

    Anke Bohmer

    I have a B.A. in sculpture from the University of New Orleans. Since 2010 I have been studying metalsmithing at Lone Star college with Martha Ferguson. I like to playfully investigate the possibilities of metal as a medium, and this process often informs my designs. Ultimately my pieces reflect the joy I experience in working […]

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  • Amber Tiemann

    Amber Tiemann

    For as long as I can remember I always loved to create. I started off painting and I have always been drawn to working with color. I love working with metal and using vibrant, bold colors in my work with the use of colored stones, enamel and resin. Design inspiration comes to me in so […]

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  • Mary Rogers

    Mary Rogers

    Mary is an award-winning jeweler, teacher, and artist, whose distinctive mixed metal jewelry designs are widely collected. She is the art teacher at Bellaire High School and the jewelry instructor at the Art League of Houston. More of Mary’s work may be viewed at All images © of the artist. All rights reserved.

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  • Cynthia Hendrickson

    Cynthia Hendrickson

    I combine traditional fabrication with wire weaving techniques. Cynthia Hendrickson’s work is inspired by a passion for texture and color.  She employs traditional metal fabrication methods such as cutting, forming, texturing, riveting, soldering, then combines these with fiber and basket weaving techniques to complete the piece. The design process begins with a stone as the […]

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  • Nathan Dube

    Nathan Dube

    My work expands on my interest in childhood play, by exploring its relationship to humor, aggression, and how the contemporary adult male identity is constructed in American culture.  The work uses childhood pranks and toys, reinterpreted as high-end adult objects, to highlight the aggressive and sometimes violent ways in which men interact with other men.  […]

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  • Dottie Wood

    Dottie Wood

    I like to make jewelry that is provocative and stimulating. My jewelry is not for the timid, but for those who know who they are, and are comfortable with themselves. I want my jewelry to bring others into the soul of the wearer, and to know who they are by what they wear. The processes […]

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  • Becky Burt

    Becky Burt

    I was the kid who always had a pocket full of rocks and shells and strange pieces of wood or plastic; things from streams, the beach, the playground, or the floor of the forest. Objects draw me with their shape or texture, and I’ll often pick up something without a clear idea of what I’ll […]

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  • Celia Clowe

    Celia Clowe

    I am a mixed-media collage artist and over-educated geologist with a Renaissance collections of skills and talents. My artistic spiritual journey has led me to create original SPIRIT BLOCKS. Spirit Blocks are unique, hand-crafted wooden blocks designed to lift your spirit.  Materials include: hand-etched and patina copper and brass metal, glass beads, hand rusted wire […]

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