Call for Entry: Facing the Wall

Call for Entry: Facing the Wall

Entry Deadline: 2/14/18

Entry Fee: $25.00

Awards: 1st Prize $300, 2nd Prize $200, 3rd Prize $100

Walls have delineated nations and cities throughout human history. Walls define what is inside as separate from what is outside, and while this definition can begin as simply geographical or in the name of safety, it invariably includes a defining of identity. Whatever the motivation, walls identify what is within them and what is outside them, placing limits on both. We are now in an era of new walls – walls built on the borders of nations, ideologies, cultural and personal identities. Whether attempting to break through, climb over, dig under, circumvent, use as a canvas, or decorate, artists respond to the walls that confront them. Facing the Wall will display work that calls to attention the ways people confront the walls in their lives.

Facing the Wall
Mailing Art League Rhode Island
One Avenue of the Arts
Providence, RI 02903

Juror: Julia Samuels of Overpass Projects


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