Call for Entry: “Amber Trip” Art Jewelry Contest 2018

“Nothing to declare” invites artists to announce their freedom in the language of jewelry, to say loudly that we have nothing to declare or hide. On the other hand, we can declare our freedom, freedom to travel and stay in our homeland, freedom of thought and freedom to disagree with others, freedom to be ourselves, freedom at being an artist and freedom from the idea of independence. “Nothing to declare” means justice and the possibility of passing through any inspectors with no fear, but above all, the whole set of possibilities. “Amber Trip” offers the opportunity to present this by using metal art. Amber in the contest is a welcome but not obligatory material.

The winners of the Art Jewellery Contest will be chosen during the XV International Baltic Amber and Jewellery fair, Amber Trip 2018, which will take place March 14–17, 2018. Deadline for applications is March 1, 2018. 

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