Tools, Tools, Tools! with Val Link

Tools, Tools, Tools! with Val Link

Saturday and Sunday, May 20 – 21, 2017

10 am – 5 pm both days

Cost $220

San Jacinto College, South Campus
13735 Beamer Rd.
Houston, TX 77089

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Learning to make tools is a process which improves one’s general skill level and helps one to more thoroughly understand the purpose and function of a tool. One learns from history that when high levels of skill are attained, the craftsman and artist often turn to creatively embellishing their tools.

What we are investigating in this 2-day workshop is how we can make bench tools, forming tools, and specialty tools. The more we learn about the function of process, the more effectively we can create, adapt and modify the tools we use to perform a specific function better. The ultimate skill level is to understand a tool to the degree that all of its performance potential is realized.

Bench Tools: Ring clamps, Bezel and Prong pushers, Draw plate- (for forming tubing), Sanding sticks, Finishing and Texturing tools- (flexshaft), Holder for drilling beads, pearls etc., Metal thickness indicator, Wire and Tube cutting jig.

Forming Tools: Synclastic/anticlastic, Shell Forming, Hammers, High impact materials, modification of existing stakes. Hammers, making and replacing handles including how to best rehandle and wedge a hammer.

Repurposing Tools: Large bolts steel bolts, Railroad tie nails, Old jack hammer bits, Scotch stone refining sticks (pumice), Stainless Steel wire.