John Barber

clown-fishJohn Barber is a Texas artist specializing in marine wildlife artwork. His work includes tropical fish, turtles and sting rays. He teaches basic welding classes for beginners, homeowners, DIYers, artisans and hobbyists.

“I wandered for days through the endless aisles of a discount super center, lost, starving and dehydrated. I was hallucinating about about a cookie cutter world of increasing uniformity and disposable everything, wondering how long it would be before I was found, bar coded, stacked and shipped.
My only hope was to find my way back to the studio and make something by my own hand. To give it power, as a talisman, by virtue of there being only one. To leave the marks of my making it in evidence so that people would know that it was not mine alone, that it belonged to a tradition of craftsmen, generations deep, working, moving, creating in, as yet, an unbroken line down through the ages. I dreamed that people would take what I made and use it as an anchor in the contemporary cultural storm, to establish a lifeline to a place where there is no individual word for art. A place where an act of personal expression is so integrated into daily living that it is not considered unusual or different. A place where fulfillment is defined as the simple harmony between a man and the work he performs.”


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