“Spirit and Matter” Award Winners Announced

Spirit and Matter Award Winners are Revealed….

HMAG’s juror for Spirit and Matter, Andy Cooperman, really struggled to make his decision on award winners.  Rest assured this task was not lightly undertaken.  You can read Andy’s full juror’s statement on the HMAG website, but this summary says it all:

“As a maker I understand and acknowledge the dedication involved in making something and then taking the risk of having it judged, so I looked carefully at every entry, several times. The work that I ultimately selected survived multiple rounds and I believe best illustrates the powerful partnership between spirit and matter.”

In addition to the 3 cash prizes HMAG is awarding, Andy added 3 Honorable Mentions to his list of awards. And the winners are:

Angela Roberts, Shattered

Angela Roberts, Shattered

Best in Show – $500 award

“In considering the Best in Show award for Spirit & Matter, I looked for the piece that was the whole enchilada, the one that to my eyes best manifested the spirit of the idea to the matter of the physical object.” Andy Cooperman

Angela Roberts – Shattered – Sheet Metal, Cowhide

“In this piece, I used metal to show the shattered pieces of my soul, broken and torn apart by human hands and massive heat. Put back together – though not the same, much stronger and more beautiful, even if it is wrapped in hardened skin.”


Jan Harrell, Entropy

Most Original Piece – $250 award

Jan Harrell – Entropy – enamel on copper, chemical funnel, bird nest

“This piece transforms a common chemical funnel into an object that transcends the utilitarian nature of that conventional lab ware. With this alteration, the new pieces take on a completely different status. The wall object morphs a bird’s nest into leaves in different stages of growth and decay. Truly, each object has an elevated spirit having taken on another form.”


Rene Lee Henry, Nadir

Rene Lee Henry, Nadir

Best Use of Materials – $250 award

Rene Lee Henry – Nadir – Steel, Mortar, Gold Leaf, Brass

“Youth is momentary, but beauty can be found in all stages of existence. Exploring the effects of corrosion and decay that infuses universal existence has become an integral part of my work. I am attracted to the myriad processes of aging and the visual relationship we have with it as humans. It’s something that permeates all things, wreaking havoc on both the man-made and nature-made alike, but within the devastating progression of the aging process, wondrous and beautiful changes can occur.”


Honorable Mentions


Jo Preston, Caged

Jo Preston, Caged

Jo Preston – Caged: 60 degrees of separation – Sterling Silver

“These pieces are about capturing something without hiding it, similar to capturing your spirit without inhibiting it. This piece is about the cages each of us carries and how we move and unite despite those cages.”



Jounha Jung, 77098

Jounha Jung, 77098

Younha Jung – 77098 – Steel, brass, glass, found objects


“I moved to Houston last year and I collect artifacts from demolition sites and reconstitute them into wearable artworks that give them new life and serve to honor their humble service. They are combined with steel to emphasize the relationship to building materials. I am not only interested in the physical nature of the materials but of their metaphorical meaning.”


Terry Fromm, Floral

Terry Fromm, Floral

Terry Fromm – Floral – Enameled copper, pewter

“My metal art is constructed and manipulated to mimic the look and characteristics of other, softer materials, resulting in a piece with soft, flowing contours that can stir a quiet, inner sense of balance and beauty. This is the spirit that my creative process imparts to the matter – the materials I choose to work with.”


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