Member Development Grant Winner

Congratulations to Nathan Dube,

Winner of the 2016 HMAG Member Development Grant!


Nathan Dube, Pop-Gun, 2012

Nathan Dube, Pop-Gun, 2012

Nathan’s proposal for use of the funds is to purchase a Taig Micro Mill.

“This mill would provide me with a level of precision I am unable to attain with my current tools. My work has long been about achieving a certain balance between the hand made and the machine made and this mill would help me surpass my current abilities. I plan to use this mill to not only further the development of the mechanisms in my work but also expand and explore a new body of work I have been developing. I am currently developing a series of pendants which would function as worry or fidget tools when not being worn. The mill would allow me to carve and alter the surface of my forms creating compound curves which would be more pleasing to the wearer’s hand.”

Congratulations to Nathan, and a big thank you to ALL who applied for the grant!  This was not an easy decision to make with so many outstanding applications!

We can look forward to Nathan making a presentation to HMAG in the coming year to let us know how his metalsmithing career has been advanced by this grant.