June Program: Matt Adams and the Visual Arts Alliance

June Program: Matt Adams and the Visual Arts Alliance

timthumb  HMAG has invited Matt Adams, President of the Visual Arts Alliance, to introduce us to another exceptional Houston arts non-profit! The Visual Arts Alliance (VAA) is an educational organization for serious practitioners of the visual arts and interested members of the general public. It was founded in Houston, TX in 1981 and, like us, it is an all volunteer-run, non-profit organization. The VAA produces art exhibitions, organizes educational programs including studio, gallery and museum tours, and hosts recreational programs to provide creative and supportive events beneficial to artists. Visit their website to see their exciting events calendar and learn more.

matt adams paitnings

“Flinging Thru” and “The Favorite” by Matt Adams

The VAA and HMAG could benefit greatly from learning about and working with each other, so please help us give a warm welcome to Mr. Adams in late June! We can discusses possible future collaborations and share in each other’s knowledge and events!

The Visual Arts Alliance Program with Matt Adams:
Monday June 29, 2015 from 6:30 – 9:00 pm
at Charisma Design Studios



Unknown Title by Tiffany Gordon, VAA Member



“Nests” by Joyce F. Gold, VAA Member