HMAG Annual Meeting and Elections

HMAG Annual Meeting and Elections

Elections are coming up fast, but I have yet to receive any nominations!

We need some ready and willing volunteers to help fill out this ballot before the 17th, and I’ve heard some interest from some of you.

Send an email to and let me know what interests you by Saturday April 11! After that, we have to work on getting the ballot out.

Our Annual Meeting is

Friday April 17, 2015

6:30 – 9:30 pm at Freed Auditorium


Here are the Board of Directors Positions:

President – mostly schedules board meetings, interfaces with the guild and our sponsors, keeps things ticking smoothly. Acts as the “face” of the guild. Email Jeff for more info.


Vice President – the search and destroy agent we deploy when ever a project needs attention no one else can give. The VP supports the other members and basically helps out wherever help is needed. Email Chuck for more info.


Special Projects – sets up our shows and exhibitions! This is some never before released information: Patty has been working diligently on getting our next Member Show at the Jung Center for 2016! Fancy, right? Email Patty for more info.
Perk: Imagine – more trunk shows, pop-up exhibitions, regional competitions hosted by HMAG, open exhibitions as well as super-juried limited entry exhibitions, performance art featuring wearable works by our members! The possibilities of this are endless; all it takes is manpower.


Treasurer – Money. Makes sure all online subscriptions are up to date and get paid on time (Constant Contact, Formsite, Bluehost.) Collects money from workshops or other events, keeps a really beautifully organized master spreadsheet of net profits/losses for the guild. Email Jo for more details.


Communications – Writes all e-communication, uploads pictures and content for website, keeps website up to date (sorry guys), adds news and content to facebook, manages member galleries and any changes to member profiles, manages calendar, and writes and designs biannual Newsletter. Email me for more info!
Perk: you get to be really goofy.


Programs – makes contact with members or people outside the guild who have something cool to share, makes arrangements for HMAG to participate in Houston art events, and is ultimately a great pathway for HMAG to interact with the community and help the guild connect with each other. You just have to make lots of phone calls and schedule stuff. Email Cathy for more info.


Workshops – makes contact with members or people outside the guild who have something cool they want to share in a little more formal instructive environment. While programs are free and open to the public, workshops are classes open to members only and have a fee. Email Terry for more info.
Perk: As workshop boss, you get to participate in these workshops for free. Want to work on your raising? Schedule a raising workshop. Want to learn more stone-setting techniques? Schedule a stone-setting workshop. It’s awesome.


Membership – keeps the master member spreadsheet and Constant Contact up to date. Sends renewal notices, and helps new members get set up with their members-only password login for the website. Email Priscilla for more info.


Education – interfaces with Houston schools, universities, and colleges. Coordinates visits to classes to tell students about HMAG advantages and resources, manages the HMAG Educational Scholarship, and manages the new HMAG Member Development Grant. Ultimately, you get to help aspiring metalsmiths! Email Jessica for more info.


Subcommittees – Some of these positions like Programs, Special Projects, Workshops, and yes even Communications can really benefit from someone lending a hand now and then. While we do have a volunteers list, I think we need something a little more formal for what I’m proposing: If you would like to help out, but don’t necessarily want be on the board, sign up for a subcommittee! You would be a dedicated go-to person for the Board member of your choice. They would have your cell, and you would be sort of “on-call” to help out. You would be in on the project plans so that when a board member is in a pinch or needs another pair of hands, they’ll have you!