March Workshop: Stamping, Texturing, and Chasing Tools with Val Link

March Workshop: Stamping, Texturing, and Chasing Tools with Val Link

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Tired of using texture tools that don’t quite work for what you need? Are you interested in learning how to customize your own tools? Do you just really love Val Link? We do too. That’s why we’re excited for his upcoming workshop late this March!

val pics

Val in his element

This workshop will be a perfect introduction to the design, creation and crafting of simple hand tools and the general functions they serve.  Students will be concentrating on designing and making stamping, scraping and texturing tools.  Each student will make and use their own two-brick forge for heating and forging tool steel.  This forge will be used to heat the tool steel so it can be forged into the desired shapes required for the tools.  The principles of hot forging, hardening, and tempering steel will be discussed and demonstrated. Initially three or four basic tools will be formed as an exercise to become acquainted with the process from beginning to end.  These basic tools will be used in the making of most of the other tools you design and craft.  It is necessary that students enrolling in this workshop be familiar with basic jewelry making or metal working bench skills.

home_toolsWhen: Saturday and Sunday, March 28 – 29th, from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Where: San Jacinto College South Campus

Cost: $150.00

Maximum students: 12



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  1. Pamela Branstetter says:

    I would like to know if there are two more spots open for this Workshop? if so I would like to sign up two, myself and Colin Collinson. When where do I send the workshop fee? Thank you for your assistance this looks like so much fun!!