Call for Submissions: Gold Pages Newsletter Fall 2014

Call for Submissions: Gold Pages Newsletter Fall 2014
It’s that time of year again, folks! Time to send your submissions to Fall 2014’s 


We’ve had a busy spring season, and I am hard at work formatting all our beautiful pictures and organizing our tips and tricks and generally making a gorgeous newsletter. But I need more, oh so much more!

Since launching our Biweekly Bulletin, I’ve been giving shout-outs here and there to our tenacious members. But I know they are not the only ones! If you have:
  • won an award
  • been published
  • been exhibited/currently showing somewhere
  • participated in an exciting metals event in Houston
  • finished a new line of work
  • or seriously anything you’ve done that you’re proud of

send that email posthaste! HMAG is proud of you too, and we’d like to tell you so.

Furthermore, some of you have mentioned interest in submitting a short article for the newsletter. Turn that passing interest into action, and send me what you’ve got! I want your opinions, your reviews, your experiences! Don’t be shy. This is a great way to connect with your guild.

Email any and all submissions to me, Alita, at Use the subject title “Newsletter.” This can include pictures, a simple bullet list, a novella…the world is your oyster. My deadline to finish the newsletter is

AUGUST 29, 2014.

Any submissions received after this date can be included in the Biweekly Bulletins!