Opportunity knocks- but you’ve got to be quick to seize it!

Opportunity knocks- but you’ve got to be quick to seize it!

Opportunity knocks- but you’ve got to be quick to seize it!

18 Hands Gallery is offering HMAG members a special opportunity to participate in a series of Saturday trunk shows this upcoming fall season. The gallery will host 2-3 HMAG artists from

11am-4:30pm on each of the following dates:

October 25, 2014

November 15, 2014

November 22, 2014

If the above three dates are filled, 18 Hands will make December 13, 2014 available for another group of 2-3 HMAG members. 18 Hands will provide refreshments and cashier services for each of the trunk shows. The gallery will also work to promote the trunk shows to its customer base via email and its website, www.18handsgallery.com. Participating artists will be responsible for bringing their work, a small table and display materials. Artists will need to be available to meet with customers and show their work for the duration of the show. For these events, the gallery is offering a reduced commission schedule of 65% to the artist, 35% to the gallery. There is no table charge or entry fee.

Interested? Contact Katy McKinin at 18 Hands Gallery, info@18handsgallery.com. HMAG members will need to submit the following items:

Artist contact info (name, phone#, email address)

At least 3 images representative of the work that will be shown***

Short paragraph describing your work, materials and retail price points

1st, 2nd choices of the trunk show dates.

Availability for December 13, 2014 if 1st, 2nd choices are unavailable


*** The images do not have to be professional photos. Good photos that clearly show the work is all the gallery is interested in. Katy has graciously offered to allow artists without the means to obtain photos to bring their pieces into the gallery before the deadline. She will take some quick photos for them. The gallery will choose the participating artists and group them based on the types of work. The goal is to present an offering each Saturday that showcases the diverse variety of work that HMAG members are producing.

Here’s the “you’ve got to be quick” part of the offer. The deadline for submission is

AUGUST 30, 2014.

Patty Scott

Special Projects Coordinator