November Event: Educator’s Panel and Discussion

November Event: Educator’s Panel and Discussion
Educator’s Panel and Discussion
The Texas autumn is in full swing with all its wild temperature swings and strangely warm cold-fronts, and we are busy making holiday plans to fly to far-flung friends and family.
But, before you jet away, come hang out with your HMAG family for a fun evening of metalsmithing shop-talk!
Our esteemed educators, featuring Jeff McGee, Martha Ferguson, Corey Ackelmire, and Nathan Dube will be presenting.
educators panel final
How are crafts doing in the increasingly hostile academic environment? What challenges, and what successes have there been? What cool new things should we all be checking out immediately? Does Damien Hirst deserve his millions? I don’t know, let’s ask them!
What: HMAG Educator’s Panel with HMAG meet-and-greet
Where: Glassell School of Art
Freed Auditorium
5101 Montrose Blvd
When: Friday, November 15, 2013
 Meet-and-Greet social at 6:30 pm, Educator’s Panel at 7 pm.
New Members: Make sure to drop by, we have your welcome gift! Everyone else, also make sure to drop by, as we also have door prizes!