HMAG’s Field Trip to TX/RX Labs!

HMAG’s Field Trip to TX/RX Labs!
HMAG’s tour of Houston’s Hackerspace:

is TOMORROW (Oct 18th)

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When: Friday Oct 18th at 7:00 pm, dinner is served at 8:00 and a donation of $5 is appreciated
Where: 205 Roberts St. Houston, TX 77003

At their Friday Open House we will:
Visit with members.
Learn about upcoming classes and workshops.
See exciting technical demonstrations.
Enjoy some home cooking.
Discuss the latest developments in science and technology.
Hang out with a friendly crowd of technology and craft enthusiasts.

This will be a great opportunity to expand our creativity and explore the potential of 3D printing and TX/RX’s other advanced equipment in our own art practices! Plus, we get to meet more cool people active in the Houston maker community! And that’s always fun, right ya’ll?