Registration for the October Pewter Workshop ends October 18th

Come join us and take advantage of the experience and ingenuity of your fellow HMAGers on a fun-filled weekend of camaraderie and creativity! Chuck Schwarz, Pewter Magician, will transform the substance from a strange alien plasmid-ectoplasm to a highly enjoyable and accessible medium perfect for your jeweler’s arsenal.


Prepare to have your pewter illusions shattered! For instance, you may think pewter is so soft you can blow a hole right through your work when soldering.

NOPE. Well, yes, but pewter solder actually fills gaps and makes repairing holes way easier than other metals! Don’t let that old softy intimidate you, learn to use this property in interesting new ways!



Come learn Pewter Basics with Chuck Schwarz!   

  • When: Saturday and Sunday, Oct 26 and 27 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Where: San Jacinto College South
  • Cost: $175 includes all materials and lunch
    • Registration closes once the class is full, maximum 15 students, or byFriday, Oct 18th at 11:30 pm.
    • A waiting list will be created after registration is full. No refunds will be given for cancellation after Oct 18.
Debbie Leh-Pargac, pewter mega-fan, says
“Pewter is a wonderfully responsive, malleable material with the capacity to form into fluid designs so much more easily than other non-ferrous metals.”


To register for the workshop,