Becky Burt

Becky Burt

I was the kid who always had a pocket full of rocks and shells and strange pieces of wood or plastic; things from streams, the beach, the playground, or the floor of the forest. Objects draw me with their shape or texture, and I’ll often pick up something without a clear idea of what I’ll do with it other than thinking, “…oh wow, that’s interesting”.

I specialize in the odd and eclectic, creating one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect my wicked sense of humor. Some pieces are so symmetrical it hurts; in others, I will move something to break the rules and change the structure, just because I can. When looking at my pieces you will see a juxtaposition of smoothness with textures, round shapes with points, static with motion.

I like to think of myself as a finder of things that people do not know they need yet. Ultimately, I am a classically trained jewelry and mixed media artist who takes odd bits and pieces of metal, household ephemera, and the occasional bizzare cast off, and combines them to create art that sends a message.

I currently teach jewelry making at The New Orleans School of Art and Craft, and have displayed at Jazz Fest, various galleries, art markets, and art festivals in several Southern states. I have just been named by New Orleans Magazine as one of their 2013 People to Watch.

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