Priscilla Frake

Priscilla Frake


I began making jewelry as a child and have continued, on and off, for most of my life. After moving to California in 1996, I took classes at Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts and began pursing the craft more seriously. I furthered my study through workshops at the California College of Arts and Crafts and the Taos Institute of Art. I have studied enameling with Jan Harrell at Glassell School of Art for over 7 years. I believe learning is a lifelong endeavor and have been active in the Houston Metal Arts Guild, serving as librarian for many years and writing articles for the newsletter.

When developing new pieces, I like experimenting with both mechanical and design elements. My former career as a petroleum geologist and science background mean I approach jewelry making with curiosity and a technical bias. While each piece I make is unique, I often work in series as this gives me the chance to develop an idea in a number of different ways. My current series on the cosmos is influenced by both modern scientific images and ancient alchemical texts.

Enameling gives me the opportunity not only to play with color, but to play with the properties of color: light, depth, and translucence. I believe color, like music, is one of the most direct expressions of emotion. It appeals to our bodies as well as appealing to our minds.

I like to use nature as my inspiration for combining colors. I believe in beauty, and its ability to make us feel at home in the world. When we become jaded or estranged, we stop paying attention to the consequences of our actions. Jewelry gives us a physical connection to beauty that is both tactile and visual, and reminds us of our joys and obligations as citizens of the world. It is a miniature world we can carry around with us, a personal talisman that can express our mood or display an alternate personality, a touchstone that can remind us of who we are and how we want to carry ourselves in the world. These are the things I hope to create in each piece I make.

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  1. jan harrell says:

    has it really been seven years??!!