Maker Happy Hour was a Huge Success!

Maker Happy Hour was a Huge Success!
The Maker Happy Hour was not only a significant milestone in the formation of a community network of artists and makers, it was also crazy fun.
Our wonderful speakers were:
Maclean Smyth of Houston Makerspace (opening Fall 2013)
Matthew Wettergreen of Rice’s Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen
Jeff Kaplan of New Living
Dave Morris of 3DCAMP Houston
Joanna Nathan of Enventure
Jacob Shiach of Brightwork CoResearch (opening Summer 2013)
Patrick Wheeler of TX/RX Labs
Stephanie Toppin of Houston Craft Calendar
Adam David Burnett of NASA/JSC & Creatorspace
Ren Mitchell of The Tinderbox
Brittany Bly of Pop Shop Houston
If you would like a brief overview of just what each of these organizations are, then just click this Maker Happy Hour PDF I painstakingly but happily assembled for you! I can’t state enough how eye-opening this event turned out to be. People from vastly different disciplines all came together for the sole purpose of sharing resources, ideas, and energy to create a better Houston. HMAG will be getting involved in lots of these organizations, so be on the lookout for partnered events, new guest talks, and more on the horizon!

About the Event:
Go to the facebook page for more information about people, places, and the burgeoning creative network in Houston!
P.S. Quick reminder: Kristi Rae Wilson’s tool sale is tonight!