Dottie Wood

I like to make jewelry that is provocative and stimulating. My jewelry is not for the timid, but for those who know who they are, and are comfortable with themselves. I want my jewelry to bring others into the soul of the wearer, and to know who they are by what they wear.

The processes I use to achieve this end start with materials that always allow you to play, whether watercolor paper or enamels. And, being an enamelist, color will always be part of my work.

My husband, Bob, and I come from a technical background. He was a manufacturer and I was a sales engineer, both in the petro-chemical industry. Metalsmithing is a natural progression. We have built a new studio that was just finished in the summer of 2005. We have so many ideas, we are not sure what eventually will end up as One-of-a-kind pieces, and what will be out next production line. But the best part is that my husband has joined me in the studio and his passion appears to be as strong as mine. Passion without boundaries, let the spirit speak.

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